Can u believe there are plants that are illegal

Can you believe there is love that is illegal

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I miss you.
I don’t just miss your voice,
and not just the way you laughed at the stupidest things.
But the way you told me you loved me when you were drunk,
the way you told me you missed me when I was never there,
the way you told me you wanted me to be there to cuddle you when you felt lonely,
the way you told me not to overwork myself during my practices,
and when we talked for hours and those nights I stayed up just to talk to you,
when you told me you would still love me even if I felt like shit,
and if I cough from smoking kush,
and you said you would love me at my worst and best,
I miss how you said I was weak because I couldn’t stay up sometimes,
I miss when you cared,
I miss everything about you,
I even miss the feeling of you breaking my heart over and over again. im so dumb (via worldboobs)

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hello, west coast…  by (manyfires)
Kiss Me